Who We Are

We are a rocket company based in Arizona, the place where Pluto was discovered and where astronauts come to train before they start their career in space! We at Cygnus know model rockets, it's our passion! We will make your model rocket goals higher because blasting off is our expertise!

Our Mission

We are glad you found us! With an infinite amount of model rocket suppliers out there, choosing from one can be a challenging task, and in some cases, it can turn out not exactly how the customer expects and deserves. At Cygnus, we take you above and beyond. We make sure that you get top of the line, high-quality products only! With us, you will find a select range of model rockets and accessories to satisfy your needs and passion for rockets. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced rocketeer, we have what you need!

Looking Forward to the Future!

We appreciate your preference! Cygnus Model Rockets will partner with you to further your skills and passion for rockets. We look forward to stretching our relationship for many years and generations ahead!